This is on a twist server. Jan 2015.

Amber Glow

This kitchen employs simplicity and clean lines to achieve a sleek and classic style.  Tubular cabinet and appliance hardware combined with a rectangular stained glass backsplash enforce strong horizontal elements in the design.  One of the major challenges was the size of the space.  Informal seating, plenty of storage and space for a TV had to be incorporated.  To maximize space, a green house window bumps out in front of the sink area, and a built in table accommodates convenient seating.  A sense of enlarged space was created at both entrances.  First, a glass mullion pocket door leads to the hallway, creating a division of space while maintaining the appearance of openness.  Second, a pass-through was created between the kitchen and dining room, further opening the space.  Extra seating on the back side of the pass-through is an added bonus.  The TV is placed in the optimal position for viewing while seated at the table or the pass-through.  Small cabinets with lift doors are positioned above the built-in refrigerator and the hood, maximizing cabinet space.


Anne Matheis