This is on a twist server. Jan 2015.

Bright and Cheery

This remodel involved removing one window and enlarging another, as well as rerouting plumbing to accommodate a new island sink.  An existing soffit was removed to accommodate full-height wall cabinetry and maximize storage.  The adjacent office area was redesigned to create necessary pantry storage.

An open floor plan with a wide working aisle more comfortably supports a two-cook kitchen.  On the main elevation, two stacks of 27” deep tall cabinetry frame the cooktop elevation and house the bulk of the appliances: a Samsung refrigerator, Miele wall oven, speed oven and coffee maker.

Functioning as the prep and cleanup area, the island contains the sink, dishwasher and pull out trash.  Extra storage cabinets accessible from the side of the island result in more countertop space from the added island depth.  The upper table attached to island provides sufficient seating for the family, as well as plenty of outlets for charging stations.


Alise O'Brien


Chris Powers