This is on a twist server. Jan 2015.

Contemporary Meets Mid-Century

Function takes top priority in this open, spacious, “central hub” kitchen remodel.  Every detail, from cabinet layout to material selection, was considered and masterfully executed. With three young children, traffic flow and efficiency were crucial, so the exact placement of the prep sink, trash and even the pantry organization required careful consideration. The pantry features organizers on the door backs, as well as large kid-friendly snack drawers.  Other storage solutions include a lift-up appliance garage to help keep clutter at bay, and a handy drawer insert near the range that provides spice storage at point-of-use.

The charming, custom designed hood is a perfect match for the beveled linear subway tiles. Brushed gold finishes were used as accents on the cabinet hardware and inside the oversized island pendants. All faucets were finished in polished nickel to add a little sparkle and ensure a timeless feel.

The house is full of classic furniture interspersed with thoughtfully placed iconic mid-century pieces. This kitchen shows off the best of these two styles while providing durable, kid-friendly furniture and finishes. Overall, high style merges with thoughtful function to deliver a classic, contemporary feel that will last this family a lifetime.


Alise O'Brien Photography


Chris Powers