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English Manor

This historic 1920’s home gains a kitchen addition with all the latest features while displaying the grandeur of an English manor.  The symmetry of the cabinetry frames the architectural details of the two-story windows and exposed ceiling beams.  Varied cabinet heights prevent a prominent horizontal line from accentuating the high ceiling, and instead allow the ceiling to flow from the rest of the room.

The large refrigerator armoire balances the scale of the large adorned mantel hood, and together the refrigerator and hood anchor the kitchen around the two-story window.

The heavy turned legs adjacent to the range are equipped with pull-out spice storage.  A neighboring area was annexed for double duty as an office and walk-in pantry space.  To create more tall storage closer to point-of-use, pullouts pantries were recessed inside door jambs at the kitchen entry.

Stylistically, exposed ceiling beams, chunky turned legs, and leaded glass inserts in walls cabinets and pantry door convey the ambiance of an English manor

The deep blue crackled finish of the island is complemented by the light painted and glazed finish of the perimeter cabinetry that creates a genuinely warm space and match the homeowner’s expectations of a historic English setting.


Alise O'Brien


Jim Howard

Items Used

“English Tudor” — Bethesda Builders Ltd.