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French Chateau His and Hers Baths

The challenge for this project was to create two very different spaces that somehow still belonged together.  His and hers baths are separated by the bedroom, but the clients wanted cohesive baths that also portrayed distinctively masculine and feminine spaces.  In her bath, fresh jewel-toned blue shines brilliantly against rich walnut and cream while flowing, feminine curves repeat throughout the room. In his bath, simplicity and rigid adherence to the dark-and-cream color scheme create a tastefully masculine and understated space.

Both rooms contain similar elements: the same dark cabinet stain, the same floor material, chandeliers hanging from a domed ceiling, heavily veined countertop material.  However, these elements were also designed to assert each room’s concept:  carved fiddlehead doors were used on her cabinetry while his remain square; the tile floor features a compass-style medallion in his bath and blue mosaic outlines in hers; his chandelier is iron, hers is crystal; a delicate onyx is chosen for her bath, and a more bold marble for his.

Her bath tucks dark cabinetry underneath soffits to fit the height of the room without dominating it.  Cabinetry components were also scaled up to match the room’s size.  To provide necessary task lighting in spite of the high ceiling, countertop cabinets accommodate sconces for side lighting, and the valance above conceals down lighting.  The task lighting can be dimmed to show the domed ceiling illuminated with a soft glow from cove lighting.

His bath is more compartmentalized into several smaller function-driven areas (shower area, toilet area, dressing area, vanity area), so instead of doors, cased openings minimize the separation.  A curved window into the shower area further opens the space and allows natural light to reach the shower.  The main vanity area also contains a full bevel mirror, which adds depth and increases perceived space.


Alise O'Brien


Jim Howard