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From Galley to Gorgeous

To create a more efficient kitchen, open to the family room to increase entertaining space, an addition was planned and the kitchen was relocated to the former living room.  The design necessitated removing a window to locate the range and hood, so maximization of the remaining natural light was key.  Glass door wall cabinets with in-cabinet lighting were used to mimic the effect of natural light.  A mosaic glass tile backsplash insert under the hood also reinforces the feeling of reflection and openness.

Although the new kitchen design was a bit larger than the former kitchen, the existing space needed to be maximized for storage.  To center the sink in the window and maintain a functional “clean-up area,” the dishwasher was installed at an angle next to the sink.  On the other side, a custom pull-out trash cabinet was designed with an angled front to maintain symmetry and maximize space.  With storage space at a premium, we used a microwave drawer in the island so that we did not consume precious wall cabinet space.  On either side of the range, pull-outs were designed: one to store spices, the other for oils and taller bottles.

On the range wall, the roof trusses came down into the space and could not be removed.  But, by holding the all cabinets down for molding above, we were able to clear the trusses and give the clients the look of full-height wall cabinetry that they desired.  There was also a necessary header above the sink bay window is concealed by a valance stretching from wall cabinet to wall cabinet.  A soffit board to match the cabinetry spans the depth from the valance back to the wall, creating a box-like effect that hides the header from view.



Alise o'Brien Photography


Ken Henry