This is on a twist server. Jan 2015.

Lower Level Contemporary

This basement kitchen opens to an outside living area and pool, so it needed to be minimal, functional and efficient.  A printed concrete floor was a durable and practical flooring choice.

A speed oven multi-tasks as both oven and microwave.  Placing the speed-oven in a mid-height cabinet gives the user better access and makes the most of the space under the window.

Floating shelves provide easy access storage with a clean, modern vibe.  The glass-front Sub-Zero refrigerator reinforces the clean, open look.

The island features a modified waterfall edge, with a reveal to mimic the drywall details around the doors and windows throughout the house.  The countertop overhang to accommodate seating wraps around the opposite end of the island so more seating can be accommodated as necessary.


Alise O'Brien


Jim Howard