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Modern Rustic Mudroom

This convenient utility room combines a handy drop-off for shoes and coats, as well as plenty of storage and room for laundry.  The bench seat provides a perfect place to pull shoes on or off, and sits atop drawers that store shoes for each family member.  The shallow dividers demarcate each person’s space without impeding seating, and provide a surface for extra hooks to hang multiple jackets, coats, or bags.  Cabinets above the bench conceal baskets handy for hats, scarves, mittens or other accessories; easy to pull out and stow away out of sight.  The tall cabinet on the end provides storage for cleaning products.

The mudroom is situated next to the door to the backyard, adjacent to the garage.  The ceramic tile floor mimics a mismatched painted hardwood floor, providing an off-beat rustic look but also a durable and easily cleaned surface for boots muddy from the garden.

The front-loading washer and dryer are a great space-saving choice for this laundry room.  An extra deep counter top could be installed above, giving a built-in look and providing a large space for folding. The enameled cast iron farmhouse utility sink was salvaged and the apron repainted.  The rod above the sink can be used for hanging drip-dry items, and the sink itself is handy for cleaning up from outside or hand washing clothes.  The space under the sink was kept open (except for necessary plumbing) to provide a little niche for laundry baskets or sorting as necessary.


Alise O'Brien


Chris Powers