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Natural Neutrals

Interesting textures and shapes were incorporated in the patterned backsplash and the curved limestone hood to add interest to the neutral tones.  Maximizing function was also important.  Long drawers by the cooktop are useful for pots and pans storage, so we designed a double-wide set of drawers under the cooktop.  Interior accessories include roll out shelves in the pantry and base cabinets, tray dividers across from the wall ovens, swing out shelves in the corner cabinet, a pull out waste basket next to the sink, and wooden cutlery dividers in drawers. A tilt-up door on the cabinet above the refrigerator gives easier access to the space above.

We designed the bar area to look more like a separate, furniture piece by reducing the height and depth, as well as adding a wains panel backsplash and a base valance with decorative toe cutout.  The open shelving in the middle, while staged as a display area for the photograph, was actually designed to be a convenient place to store and easily retrieve cookbooks.

The little details really matter.  The proportions of a long rectangle flanked by two equal short rectangles can be seen in the coffered ceiling, the cooktop drawers, as well as the bar elevation.  The door panel above the refrigerator matches the top panels of the adjoining wall cabinets.



Alise O'Brien Photography


Jim Howard