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Natural White

A small footprint and lack of natural light were remedied by using neutral white finishes. To eliminate the shadows created by the adjacent breakfast-room window and give the illusion of more width, wall cabinets flanking the hood were deleted and the cabinets opposite were glass-fronted and lighted.

The client requested simple, classic design and aged but not worn finishes.  A wide-frame recessed-panel door was specified for cabinetry and appliance panels in White Dove and Wrought Iron. Two pantry cabinets frame a display area, one fitted with pocket doors to conceal a large coffee press. A microwave drawer tucked away near the range relieves the wall cabinets of any stainless steel blemish. An antiqued silver pot rack above the island adds storage and another classic, yet aged, feature.

The inside corner between the range and refrigerator disappears by building out the wall to turn the corner inside-out. This isolates the range elevation and provides a termination point for the marble full-height backsplash. A niche imbedded into the corner houses books and collectibles.

Texture was added with hand-brushed cabinet finishes, rustic ceiling beams, salvaged antique corbels, and plaster. The last-minute selection of the highly-figured marble provided a new challenge: how to stretch a slab of stone two inches to fit a completed island.  Our solution was to band the slab with pencil-edged strips of marble, creating a unique, no-drip, extra-thick island edge detail.

Black walnut flooring extends throughout adjacent areas, providing contrast for the cabinetry and continuity between rooms.



Alise O'Brien


Jim Howard