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Old World French

In order to maintain the most efficient use of space while still achieving the homeowner’s requests, a standing make-up area transitions into the angled wall with a radiused cabinet.  The inset cabinetry is designed to look like furniture, and corner fleur-de-lis give them a decidedly French style.  Lighting was very important to the customer, so a valance above the mirror conceals both down and up lighting, while sconces provide light on each side.  Cabinetry is conveniently located next to the freestanding tub, providing storage in a generally problematic point-of-use.  The cabinetry and paneling surrounding the freestanding tub matches that of the vanity, integrating the room.  The culmination of creamy, light colors and soft textures create an airy, feminine space.


Alise O'Brien


Jim Howard