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Warm Contemporary Bath

In this timeless warm contemporary bathroom, symmetry and seamless details reign.  The opposing floating vanities were aligned to mirror each other, although “Her” vanity also includes a lowered seating area to the left for makeup and dressing.  Since “His” vanity is located on an exterior wall, the wall mounted faucets needed to be bumped out from the wall to accommodate the necessary plumbing.  Extending the countertop across this bump-out creates niches on each side of the faucet to stow commonly used items.  The cabinet fronts are recessed so that a towel bar can double as the handle for pullout storage under the sink.  While using the same tile material for the floor and shower conveys continuity, varying the sizes and patterns provides understated interest.  Soffits above the windows conceal the window coverings when not in use, and are extended to help delineate the shower area.  A thin, dark frame surrounds the large vanity mirrors, adding another crisp shape to the very geometric design.


Alise O'Brien


Jim Howard