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Waterfall Bath

The waterfall style white marble vanity counter drops inward towards the vanity, forming water resistant side splashes.  A ½” reveal was added to cabinet and counter areas where there was a change of plane or materials which is a repeat of drywall details in the home.  The floating vanity cabinets, faced with a soft gray composite veneer slab, were made extra deep to provide space for a raised backsplash shelf.  The vanity mirror has integral border lighting and conceals a TV behind the glass.

The installation of the soaking tub’s water line flush to the top of the white marble stone bench gives the bathing area the quality of an outdoor infinity pool. Walnut plank-style benches are treated with a special water-resistant finish, and add to the spa-like feel.  Add a full glass wall overlooking a park-like setting below, and you are truly transported to the out of doors.

The shower is fitted with a steam unit, two rain heads, two wall heads, and two personal shower fixtures.  The linear-style drain runs across the back wall. Finish materials are black marble floor, white marble mosaic walls, with a vertical brown porcelain accent stripe and brown porcelain ceiling, sloped for steam run off. To provide the shower size desired by the homeowners without dominating the space, the shower is set back into space borrowed from the adjacent closet.  The clear glass enclosure was kept on the same plane as the vanity, so the actual shower room is deceptively deep.


Alise O'Brien Photography


Jim Howard